NIA congratulates to “Advanced GreenFarm” completing the seed round of fund-raising with 800k USD raised.

“Advanced GreenFarm”, a Thai agritech startup growing from SPACE-F, the first food-tech incubator and accelerator program in Thailand and South East Asia, has successfully completed the seed round of fundraising. With 800k USD raised, the company is now ready to ramp up its cultivation capacity, fine-tune its logistical operations and increase its market penetration..

“Advanced GreenFarm” focuses on cultivating Wolffia, also known as Khai-Nam. Wolffia is a native plant found mainly in the Mae Khong River. Wolffia is high in protein per dry weight, full of essential amino acids, and rich in nutrients such as minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and especially vitamin B12 which is not found in other plants..

With highly sustainable cultivation and efficient ability to absorb carbon dioxide, it is viewed as a great potential to help tackle global food security and environment..

With the investment, the company will be able to scale up its cultivation capability and deliver, under the brand flo Wolffia. A completed automated water and nutrition management will enable the company to supply the product on an industrial scale. Further research in cultivation systems, and product quality improvement will ensure the company’s position at the forefront of the global superfood market..