Exhibition Date:  Tuesday 23 July to Sunday 4 August 2024 (tentative)

Opening Ceremony:  Tuesday 23 July 2024 at 14.30 hr (tentative)

Venue:  Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre (and/or on-line: TBA)

Participant Qualifications:  Thai citizens and foreigners

2024 Theme: Herbal Plants

Artwork Qualifications:

     ⤅ 2-dimenional botanical painting or botanical illustration of plants, fungi, algae and lichens with medicinal or herbal properties
     ⤅ Not partially or wholly photographic or computer-generated
     ⤅ Never been exhibited publicly and/or through social media
     ⤅ Painting/illustration of parts of plants, fungi, algae and lichens are accepted
     ⤅ Artists with residency in Thailand : Original artworks.
     ⤅ Artists from overseas : High-quality digital files to avoid logistics burdens

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