Research Clusters

Research Clusters

1. Plant Systematics

  • Taxonomy and Phylogeny of some genera in Zingiberaceae (Kaempferia, Curcuma, Globba ฯลฯ )
  • Taxonomy and Phylogeny of Banana family (Musaceae)
  • Taxonomy and Phylogeny of some genera in Poaceae (Ischaeminae, Rottboelliinae และ Oryzeae)
  • Taxonomy and Phylogeny of some genera in Convolvulaceae (Argyreia ฯลฯ )
  • Taxonomy and Phylogeny of Balsaminaceae
  • Flower Lab

2. Plant Physiology

Research for precise production in Thailand

  • Impact of climate change; “hot wind” on off-season longan production at Chao Phraya delta in Thailand and resolution.
  • Role of plant bioregulators and cultural management to improve yield and fruit quality of kiwifruits grown in Thailand.
  • Assessment of genetic diversity on Thai local durian for selection, conservation, propagation and production.
  • Nutrient accumulation and removal on commercial durian for precise fertilization management.
  • Improving grain yield and nutritional quality of Thai rice cultivars through delayed leaf senescence and enhanced nutrient remobilization.

3. Plant Tissue Culture

  • Conservation of some rare orchids
  • Conservation of rare tropical plants
  • Conservation of Phytoestrogen curcuma
  • Conservation of some ornamental and medicinal plant species
  • Chromosome dubling of Zingiberaceae

4. Plant Molecular Biology

  • Molecular studies of rubber tree
  • Molecular studies of cassava
  • Molecular studies of rare plants and Thai endemic plants
  • Molecular studies of Banana

5. Plant Cytology

  • Cytology of phytoestrogen Curcuma
  • Cytology of Kaempferia
  • Cytology of rare plants and Thai endemic plants
  • Cytology of Tacca

6. Plant Anatomy

  • Anatomy of Convolvulaceae
  • Anatomy of Orchidaceae
  • Anatomy of Musaceae
  • Histochemistry

6. Plant Ecology

  • Pollination ecology, plant-animal interactions, bees, nectar bats
  • Habitat and landscape factors influence pollinators in a tropical megacity
  • Pollination biology of Balsaminaceae and Zingiberaceae
  • Plant-fungal interaction

6. Applied Plant Science

  • Forensic Analysis of Biological Evidence
  • Pollen and allergy
  • Plant species-testing by DNA analysis