New publication released!

Wandee, ajan Sasivimon and their Mahidol #Banana🍌 Bunch have spent a decade investigating flowers of wild bananas, looking into their genetics and analyzing their relationship. They finally published a paper in an open access journal, “Plants,” entitled “Evolution and Classification of #Musaceae Based on Male Floral Morphology” which included floral keys to genera, sections, species and subspecies of wild bananas. Let’s check it out!

Evolution and Classification of Musaceae Based on Male Floral Morphology

by Wandee Inta, Paweena Traiperm, Saroj Ruchisansakun, Steven B. Janssens, Unchera Viboonjun and Sasivimon C. Swangpol

Plants 2023, 12(😎, 1602;